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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Julien Greaux Superstar fitness model training out of Golds Venice

Shredded Martial Artist Julien Greaux 
By Eric Di Lauro

I have known Julien ever since he arrived in 2002 training out of Golds Venice. We immediately connected , he came from St Barth the French West indies and of course I am from Quebec so we both spoke French  and always laughed cause many of the expressions in Quebec are completely foreign to him. I noticed his drive and dedication to strive to the top of the fitness industry which is not easy when there are tons of guys trying to make it also . So I knew he would eventually make it and he did so I am proud of his success . He is sponsored by BSN and has done numerous covers of fitness magazines and is also involved and starting to play rolls in movies. So you guys will definitely here more from this action hero!!!

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