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Monday, June 9, 2014

Team DiLauro Coach Eric Pro-Trainer on RX Muscle for the final wrap up in Nebraska at the Omaha Pro show

Coach Eric Di Lauro at the Omaha IFBB Pro show 

Here on RX Muscle being interviewed by  Louis Uridel "The big Sexy" as they assess the athletes at this weekends competitions.

Jen Louwagie IFBB PRO Physique Competitor Rocks the Stage in Omaha

Pro Trainer Eric Di Lauro Preps another top athlete to perfection 

Great weekend in Omaha with the IFBB Pro division andy superstar athlete Jen Louwagie out of a small town in Marshall Minnesota.
It's her second show of the year and progress continues to improve and bring her to that covenant goal of standing on the stage of the Olympia.

Through out the Weekend Jen and the Team DiLauro outfit was be filmed for a documentary that will be soon submitted and brought to theaters. They were so delighted by the life story of Jen coming form a small farming town having three kids and to be able to live a dream of standing on the stage with the top physiques in the world , it is really a dream come true for her .

She is definitely an inspiration to many women in similar positions that think this is not possible. Jen came to me in 2011 feeling lost and not sure what direction to go , I assessed her and said Women's Physique is the category for you and that if you sign up with the Team I will have you standing on the professional stage within 3 of your next amateur show's , voila it was done! At the prestigious Team Women'sUniverse show in NJ she grabbed the IFBB Pro Card and that's when her career began to blossom.

You will definitely see more from this magnificent women soon to come.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bojana Vasiljevic IFBB PRO interviewed at the athletes meeting prior to the California Championships

Bojana Vasiljevic Ifbb Pro Video Interview at the Musclecontest In California 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Team DiLauro hits the California Pro show with IFBB Figure sensation Bojana Vasiljevic

 Coach Eric DiLauro  Preparing Bojana Vasiljevic IFBB PRO for the California Pro show May 24, 2014 in Culver City with Team DiLauro #atpetreme #jageware_suits #ascorpinc #cutlerathletics

Eric DiLauro Pro-Trainer
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013
 Finding the Right Trainer 

It's important to have a trainer who is first of all experienced in his field and has athletes and clients who have had success . It's not a numbers game where a trainer has tons of clients but really not much to show for it . To be honest with you coming from a trainer if you where to give 100% effort and heart into your client you couldn't possibly have 1000's of clients unless you're not customizing the programs.
Everyones bodies are different so the same approach will not work with everyone . So it's important to have a coach who listens, communicates and wants to comprehend the physiology and chemistry of the body so you can precisely tune into the necessities of the clients physique. This enables your trainer to transform you into peak conditioning and shape without trial an error . So what I am saying  is you want a trainer "coach" who is willing to understand the science behind your physique,  to take the time to build you custom programs and give proper nutritional and training advice that suits your needs.

To reach your fitness goals it takes focus, heart , sacrifice , determination and willingness to do everything necessary to achieve success. That's when a great coach can help you mentally stay focused on the goal. On top of all the food preparations, you have everyday stresses of life that can drive you wild , so make sure you have a trainer who is understanding and is able to calm you down and make you get right back on track motivated and hungry.

You wonder why all these professional athletes have sports physiologist's . 

I hope this can help you find an excellent trainer or perhaps you have already :))

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Derynck trades junior hockey for bodybuilding

Jon Derynck of Grande Pointe was third in the men's junior division at the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation championships. (Contributed Photo)
By Mark Malone, Chatham Daily News
Saturday, July 13, 2013 1:58:43 EDT AM
The nickname Bubba conjures up images of a good ol' boy drinking beer and eating barbecue.
That's not Jonathan (Bubba) Derynck.
The Grande Pointe native has sculpted his physique for five years and been a competitive bodybuilder for almost three.
He placed third in the men's junior division at the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation national championships in Halifax last Saturday.
“Third place was a good eye-opener,” said Derynck, who turns 21 on July 25. “It let me know my hard work paid off, but my hard work isn't over yet.”
He's already back in the gym preparing for the 2014 national championships.
Staying in top shape means monitoring his meals and workouts year-round, but it's especially strenuous in the 12 weeks before a competition. That's when he sacrifices even more than usual: a stricter diet, more weightlifting, less time with friends, more sleep.
Derynck weighed 233 pounds on stage. He's up to 250 now and will peak at roughly 270 before buckling down for his next competition.
The Fanshawe College fitness and health promotion graduate works in London as a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness.
He turned to bodybuilding after tiring of hockey. He played 26 games in parts of four junior 'C' seasons with the Dresden Kings and Wallaceburg Lakers.
“I was playing hockey and then I started watching my focus shift from hockey to the gym,” he said.
Derynck still plays pickup hockey, but he doesn't miss his junior 'C' days.
He qualified for the national championships with a second-place finish at the provincials last year.
“It was pretty overwhelming,” he said about the nationals. “It was like, you're in the middle of it and then it's done. It's not until later you realize, 'I'm third in Canada.'”
Derynck likes his chances of winning gold next year. He learned a lot this year, plus some of his competition will be too old to return.
“Third place lets me know my hard work paid off, but it's a kick in the butt to go get (first place),” he said. “Next year is my last year as a junior and that's what I plan on doing.”

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Schwarzenegger reveals he gorged on pie during cheat days while bodybuilding By ANTHONY SULLA-HEFFINGER

  • Last Updated: 11:29 AM, April 12, 2013
  • Posted: 11:25 AM, April 12, 2013
Even Arnold had cheat days.
The Austrian-born bodybuilding legend answered a series of questions on yesterday in one of the Web sites popular “AMA” (ask me anything) segments.
Schwarzenegger, who won seven Mr. Olympia titles and four Mr. Universe crowns dished on his penchant for splurging while training for the bodybuilding competitions with his friend Franco Columbu.
“What normally happened with the pies was we would be dieting down, before a competition, and we would go splurge,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “We were depriving ourselves every day, and eventually, Franco and I would snap, and we would end up at the House of Pies in Santa Monica.
AFP/Getty Images
Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1977.
"We would each eat a whole pie, and then people would be shocked that we looked better the next day. I talked to Men's Fitness about this, and apparently it is a trend now. We were just going to go insane without the pie.”
Schwarzenegger — who went from competitive bodybuilder to Hollywood star to governor of California — also discussed how he got his start in acting, landing a role in "Hercules" in New York.
“Joe [Weider] knew I wanted to get into acting, and he knew I was working hard, going to English classes,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “So he acted like my agent. And when a producer called for 'Hercules' in New York (it was called 'Hercules Goes Bananas at that time') asking for a bodybuilder who could act, Joe said he had the guy.
"Then he brought me to the meeting, and before we went inside, he said, "Arnold, don't say a word. Don't open your mouth." He went on and on selling me, but my favorite part was that he claimed I was a German Shakespearean actor. As far as I know, there is no such thing. But I got the role.”

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