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Mr Canada Elite Trainer
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Team Canada IFBB Pro's Ben Pakulski and Cathy Lefrancois at Golds Venice

Top Canadian Pro Ben Pakulski has been frequenting Golds Venice preparing for the Flex Show at the end of February. I believe he has made the move from Toronto Canada and is trying to break through and possibly get a spot on the Olympia Stage.

Everyone knows Cathy Lefrancois she had a stellar year in 2010 and plans the same in 2011 not sure what shows she plans on doing but I will defiantly keep you posted. Its great to have top competitiors still coming to The Mecca Golds Gym.

                                            Eric Dilauro Training Hidetada Yamagishi
                                            Hide , Cathy lefrancois, Ben Pakulski
                                                         Eric Di Lauro and Hide

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