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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joey Sergo aka swoll 4 weeks out from the Pacific USA XVII 2011

Joey Sergo
BY Eric DiLauro

Joey Sergo Golds Venice Posing Room

Joey Sergo has been see roaming Golds Venice preparing and making a come back from a very successful fitness modeling career . Originally from Chicago he has decided to take bodybuilding as far as he can take it and make the move to the Mecca of bodybuilding. I met Joey at Golds Venice and he had decided to have me work with him on his next competition and prepare him in the upcoming weeks.
Joey has a lot of potential and I believe with the right guidance and discipline he can go a long way.

His next Show will be:  

NPC Pacific USA XVII Bodybuilding, Figure, Men's Physique, Bikini & Fitness Championships (NQ)

August 13, 2011 Anaheim, California 

4 Weeks out 

Trainer Eric dialer Jordan Blechman and Joey Swoll

Eric Di Lauro

Mr. Canada Pro Trainer
Team Cutler Mr Olympia

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