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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

N.P.C Excalibur Bodybuilding show brought many Europeans

By Eric Di Lauro
Mouss El Bakkouchi
Muscletech Nitrotech Hardcore Pro, Chocolate, 4-Pound
The week  proceeding a bodybuilding show you have many of the competitors performing photo-shoots at Golds Gym Venice California. Yesterday I ran into the first place winner Mouss El Bakkouchi of the superheavy weight category who could have easily taken the overall. He has great symmetry and size and I believe with a little more work on certain body parts he can be a contender in any professional league.
I think also with a little more exposure in the USA he can definitely move up the ranks.
Here is a little info. on Mouss:

Mouss El Bakkouchi 36 y old
French but native from Morocco
5 foot 9 , 231 contest weight and 275 offseason
French Champion 2007 overall Nabba
World Champion Overall 2007 Nabba
Vice Universe Nabba 2007
Top 5 Universe Nabba UK 2010
1st Excalibur Super Heavyweight

Here are some contest pic's and some Golds Gym venice pic's after I trained Hidetada Yamagishi !!

Golds Gym Venice
2010 Excalibur 1 ST Superheavy Weight
 Muscletech Nitrotech Pro 4lb chocolate

Eric Di Lauro
New Generation Trainer
Team Cutler Mr Olympia