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Monday, May 9, 2011

Article's on Pro Trainer Eric Di Lauro by Lauren Jacobsen

Inside Fitness Magazine
by Lauren Jacobsen

One trainer comes to mind right
away these days – Eric Dilauro!
Eric hails from Montreal, Canada,
but now lives in the middle
of the “bodybuilding mecca,” training out
of Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California.
Eric is an accomplished bodybuilder
himself, competing and winning the
Canadian Nationals in 2000, which he
also trained for at Gold’s. After winning
the Nationals, Eric made Los Angeles his
home. “Mr. Canada” has built a solid reputation,
working with many pro bodybuilders,
athletes and even celebrities. But, he
is probably best known for his work with
four-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler. Eric
has been a key member of Team Cutler for
the past fi ve years, helping him prepare
for his shows. Jay sought out Eric for his
high intensity workouts and his never quit
attitude. He is also working with Hidetada
Yamagishi, over seeing his entire training
and preparations for 2011.
Eric is a trainer that pushes athletes
beyond their barriers. He is also very good
at assessing physiques, determining what
works on an individual basis and what
exercises are required for specifi c areas of
improvement. Nutrition is also a key factor.
Eric works closely with his clients to
understand their chemistry, which enables
him to put together an eating plan to help
them achieve their goals.
Eric puts forth passion and care and truly
enjoys training everyone, as long as they
want to achieve their goals as badly as he
wants them to achieve them. If you would
like more information about Eric or would
like to contact him, visit his blog at newgenerationtrainer. or email
him at

 Muscle-Insider Magazine 
By Lauren Jacobsen
Eric Di Lauro
Mr. Canada Pro Trainer