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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canada's Antoine Vaillant future of bodybuilding coming out of Quebec

Antoine Vaillant and Eric DiLauro Pro Trainer hitting it hard at Golds Venice

Antoine at a tender age of 24 just finished 2 weeks ago the Canadaian Nationals placing 3 rd place which is a tremendous showing . He is learning and gaining experience on the stage and becoming aware on how his body works to bring his full potential to next years event and perhaps grab a IFBB Pro Card. 
He felt he could of come in a little fuller and rounder to bring out his best physique. 
He has  great following already being sponsored by Universal nutrition and producing daily videos on his journey to the Pros and Sunny California where he dreams of one day residing .

I had the pleasure of meeting a few times but we had always said when he visits Los Angeles he was going to hook up with me , we did so for the last few days I have been training with him at Golds Venice and getting some awesome workouts in. Just to let you know Antoine's determination he landed at LAX airport and got his rental, checked into his hotel and texted me right away and said let's hit Golds Venice for some leg work . I was in the middle of eating at 930 pm at night so I texted back and said lets do it so I picked him up and arrived at Golds at 1015pm which is 1:15 am East cost time , we had a tremendous workout!!! "Video will be up soon" 

So to Antoine good luck brother!!!!

Here is a video of us training back , enjoy!!!

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