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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where are all your Hardcore bodybuilders and weightlifters?

Metroflex Gym Long Beach, CA
By Eric DiLauro Pro Trainer

Looking for a hardcore gym in Southern California Metroflex gym in Long Beach is the place to go.

"This isn’t your average gym. That being said, we don’t produce average results. Metroflex was built by trainers, meaning our equipment was carefully selected with the clients’ success in mind. Corporate gyms wouldn’t dare carry the equipment that we have. Ironically enough, these pieces of equipment (like the prowler or atlas stones) are among the most effective training tools on the planet. Metroflex provides expertise through top-notch trainers and innovative equipment"

Hidetada Yamagishi IFBB pro Bodybuilder and myself went a few days ago to train Chest and arms and we were totally blown away how great it was. It has all the equipment  necessary to train as a bodybuilder and on top of it they have lot's of equipment that allows you to train as a strong man or weightlifter.
Chris Albert Co Owner was so accommodating  and greeted us with open arms and it just goes to show you how great a gym can be when it is owned by a weight lifter . They had the music going loud which allowed  us to get amped up and ready to tear the gym up. LOL You have to experience this gym there is no other way to describe this hardcore atmosphere.

They also have a supplement store located in Metroflex 619 muscle run and owned by Martin and Khay Rosemond NPC bikini competitor.

Check it out guys its a place you have to go visit!!!!

Eric Di Lauro
Mr. Canada Pro Trainer
Team Cutler Mr Olympia!/hugeericdilauro