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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The bodybuilding lifestyle , True or False ? Video!!

Eric DiLauro Celebrity world Trainer 

I believe this video is some what accurate but in reality I have worked with 4 time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler and Top 10 Mr Olympia competitor Hide Yamagishi and myself being a top level national champion "Mr Canada"  this is very much exaggerated .

Although bodybuilders do consume a lot of food and eat every 3 hours, I have never seen this level of attention required to be a top level bodybuilder . If your putting that much effort it could be that your in the wrong sport . Bodybuilding takes genetics which comes first over anything, to be a champion you could be eating and training all day long you will never be successful .

I have worked with champion bodybuilders who don't eat anywhere near as much as this guy and grow like weeds so it's important you hire or have a trainer with the experience to teach you the proper techniques, nutrition and training so that your not wasting valuable time and money reaching your goals .

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