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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hidetada Yamagishi prepares for the Olympia 2012 in Las Vegas

Coach Eric DiLauro Mr Canada Pro Trainer

It's almost approaching three years now that IFBB Pro Hidetada has been under the guidance of pro trainer Eric Di Lauro. It's been a formidable year for Hide placing 3rd at the Tampa Pro and 2nd at the Dallas Europa super show qualifying  him and giving him a spot at the 2012 Olympia bodybuilding championships in Las Vegas Nevada September 28 th weekend. Eric had mentioned that it was an injury free year and  Hide had amazing gains in gym that have really put him in contention this year for a PR performance that will have him battling it out with the top 5 guys in the Olympia.
It's going to be an incredible show and a must see event !!!

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