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Sunday, October 14, 2012

IFBB pro Hidetada Yamagishi placed 15th at the Olympia.. Personal or Fair?

Why does the IFBB Olympia every year always leave me with questions that literally shakes my head. The weekend of September 27th and 28th in Las Vegas was a serious competition which led people like myself with their mouth open in shock. All the fans were present at the show or watching the free webcast provided by on their computers to see who will be the next Mr. Olympia and who we least expected to have a high placing. I was shocked beyond belief that Hidetada Yamagishi was placed in the 15th spot and Lionel Beyeke was in the 10th spot. Yamagishi maintained 10th place for the past couple of years, but we never dreamed they would place him in the rookie spot. I considered that to be a slap in the face for Yamagishi and Gaspari Nutrition.
It is also being said and you can see for yourself in the photos that Lionel Beyeke and Hidetada Yamagishi are of the same size, but Yamagishi is a little bigger than Beyeke and more conditioned. How did that happen? Was it personally done to send a message to Yamagishi? If so, what is the message?
When I saw what was happening during the call outs I knew something wasn’t going to turn out good that night. Then there was the showdown between Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and IFBB pro Kai Greene on the stage battling it out. Here is another question for you that also caused open mouths and raised eyebrows, Phil Heath beat Kai Greene by one point. Again if you see the comparison photos, you can see that Kai Greene had the spot. Yamagishi is the best poser in the world and it amazes people how he turns his body into a work of art. When Yamagishi does a posing routine, it’s not just posing its regal. That posing routine he does should be done for a King.
Stay tuned for next year 2013 show, It will be interesting to watch what Yamagishi does and when Jay Cutler comes back and lift the carpet from all of the competitors as he always does.

Team Cutler Mr Olympia
Trainer to Hidetada Yamagishi


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