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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"VIDEO" Hidetada Yamagishi starts his off season training for 2013

IFBB PRO with Hidetada Yamagishi
Pro Trainer Eric DiLauro

It's been a long season and a very successful season even though Hide did not place where we had planed. We had reached all the goals that we had discussed in regards to his physique , muscle mass "5lbs more then last year " , improved symmetry  and superior conditioning .
In his long and successful career we can definitely say that this year was one of the most positive. Training was unreal with out any injuries and huge gains. The Hide empire grew drastically with new fans joining along side his path to motivate & support him and pursue him to continue his journey. Myself as Hide's Trainer I would be lying if I said I was saddened by his latest show placings and voiced my frustration to Hide and as a warrior and a true champion and gentlemen  Hide said "don't worry Eric we will work harder and be even better next year the Journey will continue , when I get back to the USA we will start the off season immediately " After Hide had calmed me down I felt tranquility and peace, it fueled the fire inside me to push Hide even harder and give him the support he deserves and push him to an even higher level " if that's possible " LOL 

Hide is a true champion an inspiration to many and I am honored to be his friend and to continue on our journey together.

Here is a video from today at Golds Gym the Mecca of bodybuilding , big Leg day !!!!

Enjoy !!!

Eric DiLauro

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