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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Team DiLauro athlete Melissa Hong Turns heads in California

Melissa Hong Women's Physique Competitor
Trainer Eric DiLauro Pro-Trainer

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      I started training Melissa 90 days ago coming from a figure back ground . She contacted me after taking second to my client Jen Louwagie IFBB PRO who took first at the Gopher classic in Minnesota.

Melissa has great lines and very mature muscle , she has been training for over a decade and it shows through her work ethic and determination. When she contacted me I knew exactly who she was because I thought she was a threat to Jen Louwagie. I was thrilled to sign her and fine tune her for the nationals in Atlanta and bring up her physique . 

I revamped her complete nutrition and training and put a more regimented program to target her weaker body parts that allowed her to grow with a proper nutrition program that gave her the proper fuels to engage her 150% in her training and to maximize her time in the gym without overtraining .

She is a gifted athlete and will definitely go far in the sport she had an amazing year and even better 2013 with huge goals ahead .

Coach Eric DiLauro :

2012 Nationals Atlanta 12th Place 

2012 Excalibur NPC Contest in Los angeles 4th Place qualifies for nationals in 2013

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