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Friday, December 17, 2010

300lb Big Will Harris IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Team Train at Golds Venice

Big World Will Harris
By Eric Di Lauro 

Today the weather may not have been the greateast out and around Venice California today but it didn't stop the crowds at Golds Gym. Today Big Will Harris IFBB Pro was on site with his crew encouraging him to take on his next contest which seems to be not far in the future in 2011.
Will has amazing genetics which enables him to keep on huge amounts of muscle and fullness through out the year , he is easily tipping the scales at over 300lbs.
I believe once he puts together the winning formula he could be a top 5 contender in any top ranked IFBB  show including the Olympia and Arnold classic.  Well I am sure their will be more to come on Will World Harris so stay tuned for 2011.

Eric Di Lauro
Mr. Canada Pro Trainer
Team Cutler Mr Olympia

Hidetada Yamagishi, Will Harris, Valentino Jabes

Eric Di Lauro, Big Will Harris

Team Big Will