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Friday, March 23, 2012

Eric DiLauro International renown Trainer based in Los Angeles

Eric DiLauro Trainer 

 Eric has been living in Los angeles for 15 years and has developed a large following not only in the fitness industry training Bodybuilders , figure and bikini girls but also has been wide spread in the Entertainment industry in Hollywood  and also the  Professional sports arena for example NHL , CFL , NFL and MLB.
He continues do pursue studies learning the science of the body to continue to improve his athletes condition , strength and flexibility through the different technologies provided at the highest levels of research .

He has a complete team of trainers that have been taught his methods of training and have been approved by him through vigorous training camps, seminars  and credited personal training associations .

Mr . DiLauro devotes quality time to his clients so he takes on a limited # of clients but oversees all activities with his Team and staff and is always available for consultation and supervision .

Eric is also available to work with clients internationally and follows them through video skype, pictures ,email and phone consultations.

If you desire to get in shape for the summer loose a couple of pounds or bring your physique to its best condition ever the Team is ready . You have come off an injury and need to rehab, Eric has been known to make miracles happen . Planning on competing in a particular sport or want to venture into fitness or bodybuilding Eric's knowledge is unsurpassable.

You can contact him Via this site or email him at  for a consultation or go down below and click on the links !!

Eric Di Lauro
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Team Cutler Mr Olympia!/hugeericdilauro