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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Karen Pang bikini competitor Prepping with Super Trainer Eric DiLauro

Although winter is slowly on its way out, the competition season is quickly strutting its way in! I’m less than 6 weeks away from my next shot at an IFBB Pro Card which means I’m in full swing with contest prep. My trainer Eric DiLauro altered my training routine a little bit last week which means investing more time and energy, but it was an adjustment that was needed. I check in with Eric every 2 weeks with progress pictures sent to him where he assesses my progress and change things in my diet or training as needed.
I haven’t taken a progress picture of myself from the starting point in YEARS. The first set I sent to Eric I was pretty much mortified. So pale I was almost green, cellulite on the back of my thighs, thick sausage-like arms and the bane of my existence…”blab” short for back flab. Really thick rolls to be exact. To be honest, I didn’t want to send them but he was hounding me for them since he needed to see my current state of off season form to help me! One thing about competing is that if you can’t handle criticism, then perhaps you should reconsider this avenue. Eric didn’t sugar coat anything that needed fixing up and I appreciate that. It just lit a fire under my butt if anything!
My back and arms are the toughest for me to get lean. Also, if I’m stressed or don’t get enough sleep, the area underneath my belly button latch onto fat and doesn’t want to let go! I just got my order of SAN products in and I ALWAYS use “Liporedux” 4-5 weeks straight before my show. 10 pumps twice a day spread throughout my lower abs, back and triceps over a month’s periods rids those areas of fat where dieting and cardio falls short. Not to say diet and cardio fail to completely blast fat, but sometimes under stress or other factors we have pesky areas that are hard to target. For example, no matter how lean I get I’ll always have a little double chin hehe! Maybe I’ll use “Liporedux” on the twin chin this time since it’s safe to use in that area too!
It’s definitely motivating to see the changes in my body! I’m glad to be back to my old self again with a regular routine and schedule. I hope you’re all well on your way to shed those winter pounds too! Although it still feels like winter in Vancouver, I’ll be ready for summer way before then!

Much Love,

Karen Pang

Eric Di Lauro
Mr. Canada Pro Trainer
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