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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pro Trainer Eric DiLauro heading to The Arnold's

Eric Di Lauro Pro Trainer

Eric will be heading to  Columbus Ohio for the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding show and sports festival . He will be conducting training camps throught out the weekend with many notable athletes. Eric has many athletes amateur and professional competing in many of the events during the weekend .

One of Eric's athletes who he has trained and coached for over 2 years and was responsible in training him for his first Pro IFBB  win in Orlando Florida , one of the top best bodybuilders in the world Hidetada Yamagishi IFBB PRO .

Hide is honored to be at this event considering he had to be invited and plans to come in looking sensational . Unfortunately he sustained an injury while training in Las Vegas 3 weeks out from the show which can deter any human being but with the dedication and heart Hide was able to channel his energy for the positive and fight through the pain .

Let's wish him luck in Ohio!!!

Also Eric will be in town working with Jen Louwagie IFBB PRO Women's physique athlete prepping her for the New York Pro show in May 2013 . She has made tremendous gains traveling to California to see Eric on occasion for some hard core training where he tweaks her programs and nutrition to get the ultimate gains and development to balance her physique to bring out that X Frame that is so desired in the physique category.

 To contact Jen her facebook link is below:

Anyone visiting Ohio and wants a consultation or Training  please email Eric at:

Eric Di Lauro
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