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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013
 Finding the Right Trainer 

It's important to have a trainer who is first of all experienced in his field and has athletes and clients who have had success . It's not a numbers game where a trainer has tons of clients but really not much to show for it . To be honest with you coming from a trainer if you where to give 100% effort and heart into your client you couldn't possibly have 1000's of clients unless you're not customizing the programs.
Everyones bodies are different so the same approach will not work with everyone . So it's important to have a coach who listens, communicates and wants to comprehend the physiology and chemistry of the body so you can precisely tune into the necessities of the clients physique. This enables your trainer to transform you into peak conditioning and shape without trial an error . So what I am saying  is you want a trainer "coach" who is willing to understand the science behind your physique,  to take the time to build you custom programs and give proper nutritional and training advice that suits your needs.

To reach your fitness goals it takes focus, heart , sacrifice , determination and willingness to do everything necessary to achieve success. That's when a great coach can help you mentally stay focused on the goal. On top of all the food preparations, you have everyday stresses of life that can drive you wild , so make sure you have a trainer who is understanding and is able to calm you down and make you get right back on track motivated and hungry.

You wonder why all these professional athletes have sports physiologist's . 

I hope this can help you find an excellent trainer or perhaps you have already :))

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